Secure your company

Right now, the world is holding its breath, waiting for the novel Corona virus pandemic to pass. Employees are sitting at home, either working remotely, or worried they won’t have a job to go back to. Many business owners are crunching numbers on how they can survive this event after being closed for so long. Will their customers come back? Will the reopening date move again?

For many business owners, it will be a close thing. The bottom line will be very thin for a while. A mistake on the factory floor that causes some product loss could be the difference between open and closed permanently. All business owners will have a new definition of risk that is acceptable.

Cyber security is a risk strategy. If your business is running lean, perhaps even having to lay off employees, or cut some pay for a while, can you afford a cyber security breach? What about a violation of the NY Shield Act? Or the California CCPA? GDPR? What if you are audited, and fail a cyber security audit and some of your clients walk away to business that are more secure?

During times like this, customers look for quality and stability in their business partners. Are you small company? Worried your clients might take their business elsewhere? Can you show them you are keeping their data safe?

These are all critical issues to consider in business. Assessments from KidderSec will give you the peace of mind that your data is secure. It is like someone telling you that you already locked the door. A penetration test is the belt and suspenders approach, where we actually test those defenses. You locked the door and we tried to open it.

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