So you are in the cloud?

Like most businesses, the allure of using cloud resources is a smart decision. The cloud offers different types of flexibility to manage your business appropriately. Maybe you need to have a web server and don’t want the cost, maintenance and overhead of all of the infrastructure of hosting it yourself? Or perhaps you are using the cloud as a part of a online transaction processor? Regardless of your need for cloud, there is likely something you haven’t put a lot of thought towards… How secure are THEY?

The cloud provider is a business like any other, with servers, vendors, employees, IT staff, marketing people, contractors and likely at least one out-sourced service. It is smart business sense to regularly review your cloud provider’s security. You are trusting them with your data, your reputation, and in many cases they are assuming the risk of maintaining your IT services.

In a recent study following the suspected cyber attacks on the US Democratic party following the most recent presidential election, it was determined that the vendors were the way the attackers got in. By compromising a “trusted partner” of a business, attackers can then infiltrate any business attached to them. From a cloud vendor perspective you would hope they have the strictest security posture possible; but how do you know?

Every business that uses any type of cloud service should thoroughly review the security of the cloud provider they are trusting. Want to know more?

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