We believe that educating users on cyber threats is a critical element of cyber security. With today’s threats coming from various sources such as email, phone calls, and social engineering, we will help educate your employees to act responsibly both in and out of the organization.

Most cyber threats start with an employee giving out too much information over the phone or clicking on a phishing email link, which will introduce malware.

According to various sources, 50-70% of all business have experienced phishing in their organization. Many of these organizations have also fallen victim to phishing, and have been infected with malware or cryptoware, putting the company’s information and profitability at risk.

Cybercrimes can be expensive, costing a company thousands of dollars in damages, and much more in lost profits and damage to their reputation.

By being on top of current cyber security trends in the field, we will educate your employees and management staff on how to spot suspicious activity, fake emails and phone scams, and help you deter them. Using an interactive approach, we will help your best defense, your people, become your most vigilant protectors for your company.

We offer world class training programs. Both live group training sessions via Zoom, or training courses delivered on topic such as working securely from home, phishing, password management, and secure web browsing. You can receive monthly or quarterly reports on your employee progress through the training programs.