The COVID-19 pandemic has been very disruptive to businesses across the globe. Some businesses that rely on store front traffic like restaurants, coffee shops and hair salons are completely closed. Other businesses have shifted to a work from home model in order to stay open during this time of social distancing. It is the latter type of business that is at the most risk.

Why? Maybe as a business owner you have set up some type of remote access so your employees can work. Is that remote access method secure? What type of device is your employee accessing your network from? Is their home network secure?

Chances are that pretty good that your employees are using some type of VPN technology to access their work. Maybe they are logging in and performing their regular functions like payroll or client record management from their home PC. Here is where it gets tricky:

The PC they use in the office is likely managed. You have a policy in place to keep it up to date. Your network is secured by your IT staff. Only legitimate employees are allowed in the building to access the secured computer systems, and the customer records. Great job!

Now they are working from their personal computers at home, that are likely not updated, and could be infected with malware. They are accessing your corporate network and transferring important or business critical data to and from their insecure PC, over their insecure wireless network in their house. How many of your employees changed their wifi configuration password from “admin” to something more secure?

To make matters worse, when employees are working in the office, they are used to a routine. They see people who might say “Hey Jim, did you get my email?” while at the coffee machine. Now everything is a little more disconnected without that conversation. Did this email really come from Jim’s coworker? Are your users more trusting than they should be? Are they aware that phishing scams are more likely while working without personal interactions like that?

User behavior is the number one key to thwarting bad actors. We can provide the training necessary to keep your business running. Contact us to find out more.

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